Do you have a beloved pet that you need help understanding? Then you might want to consider a pet reading. Within a pet reading you can find out what your pet is thinking, feeling or needing. Many of us look at our pets as part of our family if not even like our child and it is disturbing when we can't quite figure out what has them troubled. We are able to read your pet's aura and energies to tell you what he/she is in need of. We offer not just a reading but can also offer many services that can help and even cure your beloved pet. Not only do we tell you what is going in their little heads and hearts but we also can tell you if they are facing any fears ,anxiousness, illnesses or troubles with other pets or family members. And yes, many of their issues can be resolved so you and your pet can live a peaceful and happy life. We also offer healing services for your pet. We can provide aura cleansing , chakra balancing , removal of negative energies both past and present as well as certain metaphysical stones. Remember, just because they are pets doesn't mean they don't have the same needs and share in many of your problems too. A pet can pick up one's pain ,negative energies, stress and can carry your problems too. An Animals spirit is very delicate and they are able to sense and hold on to many different energies, both human and spiritual. Animals can also sense spirits that may be surrounding you or your household . If they sense a spiritual being you may see the signs: barking at walls , sleepless nights, whimpering or crying, afraid to be left alone or in a certain space. These are all signs of spiritual encounters. These symptoms can be helped as well.


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