The cleansing of negativity and bad luck is a practice that we have done for over 40 years. Many types of cases have come before us and we have had positive results in alleviating the negativity that is in the process of ruining an individual or family's life. If you feel a cleansing for bad luck or negativity removal would effectively improve your life but have not seen the results that you are looking for from other sources, then contact us today and we will get you back to where you are supposed to be.

Negativity is the most common thing that is to blame for a person's unhappiness. Negativity is energies that are draining and blocking. Negativity has the ability to withhold a person's right to a proper path. Negativity can be placed upon you from almost any negative source that has ever crossed your path such as FAMILY, FRIENDS, ENEMIES, PAST RELATIONSHIPS or EVEN A PERSON THAT YOU JUST CROSS ON THE STREET. You cannot see negativity and it may not be your fault when it does cross your path therefore with a removal of negative energies one can regain their right path with balance and ease.

Releasing of bad luck is another major cleansing that we have done for years. It is usually to blame for sudden loss of money, love, family, luck and financials. Bad luck can be placed upon you by another or it can be something you contact by crossing with another's energy field who is already experiencing bad luck. Bad luck, however, is not something that will just go away with time; is HAS to be released or cleansed and protections created. If not, then it will be with you forever. Don't just sit there and allow these things to alter your life. Contact us and let us release this from you so you can go back to a good and balanced life.


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